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by GO Eyewear

This season Hickmann Eyewear is Made to Dazzle!
Hickmann Eyewear presents a collection for courageous, deci- sive women who like to live life to the fullest. This season the collection offers from the most classic models in slim metal to geometric and futuristic models in Bold Acetate.
Rich balance between optical and sun proposals, with an amaz- ing variety of colours and shapes. Dedicated to Young Women that like to make a statement while walking into a room.
Since last season a new range for Teenagers is available, for smaller faces but with the same exact design as Hickmann Eye- wear. Hickmann Teens launched for the first time last season proved to be an excelent opportunity for the market, is now launching 11 new optical frames, a total of 35 sku’s.
It is meant for the teenagers but also for the adults with small faces.

Made to Dazzle