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Born in Brazil, in the midst of paradisiacal beach locations, full of coconut palms, green palms, samba, and the city environment. Hickmann Eyewear is for those who are connoisseurs of fashion trends, who appreciate art and really unique shapes to differentiate themselves in an increasingly gray and uniform World.

A Disruptive adventure between fashion and art, seeking inspirational people who like to dare.

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This is Hickmann Eyewear.

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to free-spirited people

Hickmann Eyewear causes entropy, is unpredictable, totally dedicated to free-spirited people, who seek to create their own path but always maintaining an image of extreme elegance and uniqueness.

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She is definitely

not a follower but a


It is the one that slides through the red carpets of the world, which circulates in strong environments of fashion and art, where everything that is visible is noticed and taken due note.

She wants to make sure that her presence is properly noticed by those present, she likes to show her individuality but at the same time her good taste and extreme elegance.